Dragonet Egg Commission

Thank you for considering purchasing a custom dragonet egg. They are hand made from polymer clay (Super Sculpy). Currently I only offer them unpainted or primed with a water based acrylic paint (matte finish). Non-refundable half payments are required before commissions will begin. Funds will be saved to produce until commission is complete. The half payment is based off of the item only and does not include any shipping costs.Payments are accepted through Paypal.

Apart from the price of the piece there will be a minimum of a $10 shipping charge. Items will be sent though USPS. Other methods can be discussed but may result in a higher price. Packages will be insured and tracking will be forwarded once available. Out of country shipping will be more.

Once a form is submitted I will respond with an email as an invoice, respond to any questions, clarify any additional information.

When I get more comfortable with painting them I will offer these on a broader basis but for now they will be on a case by case situation and will need to be discussed. This will also have a charge associated with it as well. I eventually want to produce molded versions of these eggs as well which will be at a reduced price. Painted items will exist for those as well. Funds have to be saved currently to produces these and I will announce when they will be available. Any custom features added to the eggs beyond the normal layout can potentially raise the price as well depending on the complexity of the additions/substitutions.

Base Egg - $75
Painted Egg - $100 (Base Price)

(Includes 2 colors for base, color for scales, color for protrusions, and gem color)

Resin Copy Egg - (Not Currently Available)
Painted Resin Copy Egg - (Not Currently Available)

This form will change as more options come available.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me through the email form.


Any questions or requests can be listed here and will be answered before a final quote email will be sent. Any case by case   additions to the eggs will be reflected in price. Once the form is submitted it will be reviewed and then you will receive an email listing your options and the prices associated with them. Thank you for your patronage! 

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